Seal Coating & Parking Lot Striping


Proline Stripe & Seal offers turn key seal coating & parking lot striping services. Including asphalt maintenance,  crack repair, joint & concrete sealing, wheel stop installation & Signage. Servicing both commercial and residential properties. We work with multiple property management companies and general contractors in the Central Texas area. With many years of experience our small service technician staff is highly trained and well equipped for all of your parking lot maintenance needs. We use commercial grade equipment &  industry standard materials to ensure the highest quality product and guaranteed results. For any questions regarding services, pricing and scheduling, contact us today or click request a quote below to get started with a free estimate. 

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Seal Coating & Crack Repair: Seal coating and crack repair is a crucial solution to aid to your drive way or parking lots structure, appearence and life span. Crack repair prevents water from running under the asphalts foundation to prevent further erosion to the sub-base. It also will help prevent areas of the asphalt from further separating along with keeping the integrity of your lot. Seal coating is important for erosion and longevity as well. It prevents surface asphalt from wearing down and crumbling away.  Seal Coating also prevents harmful oils and fluids from penetrating the asphalt further in which can lead to pitting/erosion. A fresh seal coat will restore your asphalt giving your lot the appearance of a new pour as well as further protecting it from the elements. 

Parking Lot Striping:  Proline Stripe & Seal can handle all your striping needs with turn key service in the striping division.  If you have a new build that needs a layout and striping or your property is established and needs to be re-striped Proline Stripe & Seal has you covered. Offering a turn striping service Including parking stalls, handicap spots, crosswalks, labels/stenciling, wheel stops & signage installation. Using alkyd or solvent based striping paints we can assure that our lines will outlast latex or water based products. Quality striping aids too many important aspects of your lot including organized parking, safety, visibility and appearance.

Concrete Sealant: Concrete is interconnected with capillary channels allowing penetration from liquids. These porous channels act as a sponge drawing in liquids, dissolved salts and other solvents relatively quickly over time. Properly sealing the concrete will prevent penetration from these liquids such as oil, rust, chemicals and other vehicle fluids from seeping deep into the concrete. As well as preventing mold buildup and providing an increase in tensile strength to reduce the chipping and cracking of the concrete. This service can be done every few years to increase the longevity of your concrete. 

Joint Sealing: Proline Stripe & Seal offers a turn key a Joint sealing service. Including cleaning/preparation, removal of old sealant or wood & the application of new joint sealant. Joint sealing is necessary at junction points of concrete slabs. Sealing joints and cracks reduces water from penetrating the sub-grade in which causes erosion leading to sinking and cracking of the slabs. Flexible sealants are designed to  move with the concrete as it expands and contracts in various temperatures. Click below to get started with a free estimate!


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